Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Due to the various types of Canadian visas and changing circumstances, it's impossible to outline all requirements here as the landscape continually changes. Be diligent in researching online information, as it may be misleading. For the most current advice on requirements for your chosen path, please speak with our expert consultants.

This depends on a variety of factors and your unique situation. Our consultants will work with you to evaluate your specific needs and profile before recommending a migration path. Learn more about Canadian Immigration.

Canada began offering Express Entry in 2015 as a way to speed up the migration process. It is used to provide a faster avenue of entry for skilled workers. Based on their qualifications, Express Entry applicants are entered into a pool of candidates and awarded points for certain criteria. These criteria include items such as skills transferability, French language skills, whether or not you have a job offer, and if you’ve studied in Canada. Once an applicant’s score is assigned, they may be selected by prospective employers and provided an invitation to apply for entry to begin work. The application process takes approximately six months before gaining residency.

Although not required, using a regulated immigration consultant can save you money and time in the long run. Our immigration team can assess your eligibility and suggest the best strategy for your situation. Experienced consultants have insights that clients may not, such as which visa has the highest approval rate.


A partnership with a consultant streamlines the process, providing support from document collection to application checking, which can prevent delays and failed applications. The consultant is crucial for legal guidance and representing complex cases.

A Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant (RCIC) is a legally authorized representative who has been trained to support the Canadian migration process. We recommend RCICs for immigration advice as they are authorized by the government, competent, act in your best interest, and increase your chances of success.

We work exclusively with government-approved consultants for peace of mind and top-tier Canadian immigration help.

Start your migration journey by reaching out to us today to begin your eligibility assessment. To assess your Canadian visa eligibility and possible migration pathways, we ask for basic information to complete an online consultation form. This includes your background, work history, education, criminal history, etc., and documentation, including your passport, CV, utility bills, etc. Our RCIC team will review this and provide you with options for immigration.

Application approval times vary depending on visa type and your specific circumstances. Temporary visas can be approved in just a few days or weeks, while permanent visas take several months. Canada’s Express Entry, the most popular choice for approval, processes applications and grants full resident status in as little as six months. Using an immigration consultant is a surefire way to shorten your application time and prevent delays caused by incorrectly filed information.

Using Canada GMC is one of the best ways to navigate a changing migration landscape. We work exclusively with RCIC’s that must be up-to-date with new policies and regulations and have the experience that allows them to decipher complex legal jargon and make recommendations based on their understanding. We do the work for you.

If you need help reapplying, changing your immigration status, or disputing a cancelled visa, we can help. Our consultants are specialists in securing your residency or citizenship – however complex your case may be.

Looking for answers you can’t find here? Contact us today, and we’d be more than happy to offer expert support.