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Terms & Conditions

1. A Referrer (“Referrer”) is defined as a person who provides details of a potential Referred Client. The Referrer is subject to CanadaGMC’s Terms of Use and CanadaGMC’s Privacy Policy, as well as the following additional Terms & Conditions for CanadaGMC’s Referral Program:
2. A Referred Client (“Referred Client”) is defined as a person who has had their details provided to CanadaGMC by a Referrer. The Referred Client and the Referrer cannot be the same person (for example, by using a different email address). The Referred Client has to be a new client who has never utilized the services of CanadaGMC. We automatically disqualify suspicious referrals. If your referral might have been flagged as suspicious just email us, and we’ll take care of it. 
3. A Qualified Referral is defined when the Referred Client requests and pays for one of our services(Not including consulting).
4. For the Referrer to earn 10% off their visa application cost, the Referred Client must pay for one of our services to become a Qualified Referral.
5. Rewards are payable per Qualified Referral. The Referrer is responsible for any and all tax liability resulting from Referral Rewards.
CanadaGMC reserves the right to cancel our Referral Reward Program or to change these Terms & Conditions at any time in its sole discretion

Canadian Immigration

Canada has put great effort into expanding its immigration programs, intending to welcome 400,000 new Canadian citizens each year. Because of this desire to grow, Canada’s migration programs are flexible, solutions-oriented, and immigration-friendly.

Our immigration team will prepare you for your Canadian journey by walking you through options and helping you connect with the correct authorities. We can assist with consulting and answering questions, streamlining the process to save you valuable time.